Benbow Bullock, sculptor

Many of my sculptures reveal myths and ideas, that are rolling around in my head. The use of geometric shapes such as circles, crescents, pyramids and cubes give some of them an archetypal feeling. A feeling that there is something going on, more that meets the eye. A sense of mystery and presence.

My most recent work is geometric constructivist however my form of constructivism is meant to be poetic and whimsical, not mathematical.


Julio Gonzales, Chillida, Anthony Caro, Philip King, David Smith, Henry Moore, Calder and George Rickey are among my favorite sculptors


My work is heavily influenced by visits to archaeological sites (Delphi, Knossos, Mycenae, and the Acropolis). Hattusas, a Hittite city that thrived in 3,000 B.C. near Ankara, is another favorite. The stone age megalithic monuments like Carnac in Brittany, Stonehenge, Avebury and Silbury have also profoundly affected my philosophy and the ideas that creep into my artwork. Etruscan figures must also be added to this list of influences.


Sculpture fascinates me because it occupies space. It can be approached from any angle and appears differently depending on the hour of the day or season of the year as the light changes. Unlike music which is one dimensional-sounds intended to be played in a specific order, at a specific speed, or two dimensional paintings, which often have an intrinsic scanning order built in for the eye to follow, sculpture has no initial or final state. You are free to come and go as you please.

Art is a media that provides a dialogue

between the artist and the viewer.

A work of art is not complete until

it is observed by other than

the artist who created it.

The art is the physical evidence
that a creative process has been achieved.
A sculpture looks and feels right if
the discovery process is completed.
If the sculpture touches some inner
springs of the viewer, if it communicates;

My work has become more and more geometric. I use a lot of color. I like the shapes that are archetypal, shapes that are not in nature but are in the mind of the viewer.


I feel that the process of creativity is as much a process of discovery as it is the generation of something that did not exist before.

A sculpture looks and feels right if the discovery process is achieved.

The concept gives art its strength and unity.

Conceptual ideas belong to whoever understands them.

our way of communicating

The artist acts as a transmitter, sending out information. If the observer happens to be on the same frequency, he will receive some, if not all the transmitted information.

In most cases the artist will never know a viewers reaction.

let's change that!

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