Newton's 1st Law

Newton's 1st Law

1993, painted steel
private collection Philadelphia

 Hubble's Constant

5'H X 4'L X 2'W,
on display in the Napa Valley
at Auberge du Soleil
Rutherford, CA

Wabash Cannonball

2001, painted steel
7'h x 6'l x 2'd
St. Supery Winery
Napa Valley, CA


Medusa Mirror Image

1996, painted steel
Westcott Bay Sculpture Park
Roche Harbor, WA


Cartesian Dilema,

painted steel


Leap of Faith

painted steel,
5'H X 7'L X 3'W,
San Pablo Bay and Mt. Tamalpais in background,

 sight unseen
A Sight Unseen

1994, nickel-plated steel
Private Collection, Cincinnati

Simon of Cyrene

1991, painted steel diptych
Chandler Public Library,
Chandler, AZ
Pascal's Wager

painted steel
I. Wolk Gallery, St. Helena, CA at the Auberge

Terra Incognita & Fes II

1994, aluminum
Di Rosa Preserve, Napa CA
permanent collection

Shadow Generator 2005

4'Hx4'x4', steel

Upper Quadrant

1990 Painted Steel
Europas Parkas Sculpture Park
Vilnius, Lithuania

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